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Santa Suit Buying Guide

We've been trading online since 2001 and during that time advised hundreds of customers on what suit they should buy. Our aim when selecting suits for our range it that they are offer a realistic look (other than the budget ones which are for Santa fun runs or office parties). Its very important for the children to believe the Santa they are seeing is real, there is nothing worse than poorly turned out Santa.

We try to give as much detail on our suits as possible and in many cases outline the types of use or function they are suited for.

Its not just about buying a Santa Suit, completing the looking is very important for the overall realistic appearance, whilst some suits come packaged with some accessories that is generally so the wearer has everythign they need. However and I single out the wig and beard and in most cases if a suit comes with a wig and beard I'd advise buying a seperate one of better quality as the manufacters just often include something basic and the wig and beard really does make or break Santa, so we advise to look at our complete Santa Wig and Beard selection, it really does make a difference.

Try and make sure you buy the best fitting suit you can, the sizes of the Santa suits are a guide and most are more generous so that they fit Santa belly's or stuggers (selection may be found in our Santa accesory section), giving Santa a bit of a tummy improves the look significantly, nothing worse than a poorly fitting baggy Santa suit.

Cleaning your Santa Suit

WARNING. These are only tips for cleaning your Santa Suit, we are not liable for damage caused due to these tips.


Storing your Santa Suit is important, we advise

Hanging your suit on a padded hanger.
Keep it in a garmet bag
Store in a well ventilated
Try not to keep in a cramped packed in wardrobe, allow air to circulate.

Most suit manufacturers advise to dry clean only, this does need to be done in a very careful way, each year we do hear from 1 or 2 customers that their Santa suit has returned from the dry cleaner and the bright white is now pink! So please do tell your dry cleaner to be very very careful.

Here are some additional tips for minor cleaning to keep you Santa suit bright and fresh. Have to hand clean soft cloths, brush, gentle laudry liquid, cold clean water.


1. Make a solution of cold water and laudry liquid, not too much liquid you don't want it too soapy.

2. Spot test in a hidden area first

3. Dab one clean cloth in the liquid solution and work a spoiled spot on the suit gently. Make sure the moisture doesnt seep through to the white area. Just do small areas at a time.

4. Allow to dry completely.

5. Once dry brush with a cloth.


Remove stale odors by spraying with a fabric refresher such as Febreeze. Always spot test first and allow the costume to dry completely before storing.

Avoid body odors from setting when your suit receives a lot of use by blotting or gently wiping the inside with a cloth treated with mild soap or detergent. Avoid soaking it so the red fabric won’t run and stain the white areas.

If your suit receives a lot of wear, annual dry cleaning might be a good idea. However, the more you have it dry cleaned the less bright it will look after too much dry cleaning chemical.

Nativity Costumes

Probably one of the most exciting and charming events to start off the Christmas season is the school nativity, every year children take part and dress up. At Santa Suit store we have a great range for you at a wide range of price points. Some but not all the costumes often purchased are

Mary Costume
Joseph Costume
Wise Men Costumes
Shepherd Costumes
Angel Costumes
Camel Costumes
Donkey Costumes
Sheep Costumes

We understand budgets are tight so have tried to have a varied range from budget costumes in various sizes through to a deluxe range for schools and churches to invest to use year after year.